Colorado Fires

Arborglyph: (1 symbol 31) Antlers, Ode to the Forests © 2013 Linda C Everson, All Rights Reserved

In the last few weeks 12+ fires have been raging in Colorado. Homes and forests have burned, humans and wildlife have been hurt, displaced, or killed. The spectacular flames illuminate our landscape. See colorful photos and videos of past wildfires.

My monoprint – Arborglyph: (1 symbol 31) Antlers, Ode to the Forest is an ODE to Colorado fires in nature. We  hope that all the wildlife (DEER included) find REFUGE somewhere. The black branching slash through the art represents both ANTLERS and a PATHWAY. According to Shamanic Journey… “The set of antlers grown by the male deer are antennae that connect it to higher energies.”  Because deer antlers can grow back, a DEER can be a symbol of life REGENERATION. May those beautiful forests regenerate quickly.

The DEER family includes various elk, moose, caribou, reindeer, mule, wapiti… & more.

DEER are often associated with gentleness, grace, innocence, sensitivity, intuition, vigilance and regeneration. In CHINA, a deer is the symbol of  longevity and wealth.

May the deer (and all other living beings) in the Colorado fires have longevity … and survive the fires.

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