Antoni Tapies death

A favorite mentor, Antoni Tapies, passed away on February 6, 2012 in Barcelona, Spain.  Although Whitney Houston’s high profile death headlined all the US media at the time, his death was not well heralded here. However, Antoni Tapies was much more intriguing to me!  I had visited his  Tapies Fundacio several times in Barcelona. His art was both quiet and reflective, and also often large and forbidding. It too, could cause much emotion!

His use of graffitti and texture were elements that I admired and use in my own art. If you look at his artwork and at mine, your would probably not see many similarites, yet our visions were fairly similar. We both liked surface and texture, both made use of symbols and language in an abstract manner.

Please read my former blog about Antoni Tapies. I will cherish his memory and his art.

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