All Eyes on Egypt

In the last week,  the chaos and protests that have taken place in Egypt have kept our eyes locked on the TV for more news. Recently looters had broken in the Egyptian museum, and luckily not much was ransacked, unlike the looting done in Iraq during the invasion.

I was in Egypt a few years ago and visited the Egyptian Museum, the pyramids, and other famous sites of anquities that are so valuable. One can only hope that Egypt, it’s people, and its famous sites will not be harmed too badly. 

All eyes are on Egypt these days and although it is difficult, journalists are recording the events as they unfold. They hopefully have all-seeing eyes. 

Arbor-Hieroglyph: The Third Eye I. © 2007, Linda C. Everson

This reminds me of the many eye hieroglyphics that I saw so often while there. I use aspen tree eye images in many of my Arborglyph monoprints, and recently began a new series which included tree eyes, hieroglyphics and of course The Eye of Horus, which is said to have protective and healing powers.  Let’s hope that during these protests in Egypt, there will be a protective eye over everyone there.


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