Fire, Boulder

Natural Abstractions II © 2006. Linda C. Everson

The last few days a horrible forest fire has been burning just west of Boulder in Fourmile Canyon. Forest, animals, homes, structures, and vehicles have been consumed by flames. It’s called one of the worst fire disasters in Colorado.

Wild fires in our state are always a potential issue, especially in the forested mountains, where they can spread so rapidly. A little wind, some dry conditions, a spark, and poof… up in flames. Often mother nature causes the problem (lighting). However, sometimes humans are the instigators, most often accidental, but other times because of carelessness (campfires, cigarettes, sparks). The devastation caused by the fires is awful, the regrowth of a forest takes countless years.

The monoprint Ode to the Forests II was done after the Hayman Fire in Colorado several years ago. It was started by a forest employee and 137,760 acres were consumed. Later, I rode my mountain bike on the Colorado Trail through some of the devastated areas. Nostalgia for the former forest inspired the series of monoprints.

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