Night Dreams in CLUSTER Exhibit

Night Dreams¬© 1998. Linda C Everson28″h x 20″w framed

A CLUSTER is a group of similar things or people positioned or occurring closely together. My solarplate print Night Dreams, is currently in an invitational show, CLUSTER, at IceCube Gallery in Denver.

My dreams tend to have clusters of images, ideas, fears, or emotions that […]

Blood Moon, Blue Moon

Did you see it on Sept 27, 2015? Blood Moon, a “supermoon”, AND a TOTAL lunar eclipse! This time was more rare than the other Blood Moons mentioned below which were partial eclipses.

I spent the evening observing and photographing this beautiful sight in an open space from just blocks my home. What I observed […]

Mandala Art

"Little Men and the Inner Circle: Royal Hues". © 1992. Linda C Everson. Monoprint. 28" x 24".

MANDALA comes from Sanskrit meaning “CIRCLE“. It is often a spiritual or ritual symbol commonly associated with Hinduism and Buddhism, but in western culture the CIRCLE motif or MANDALA was popularized by Carl Jung. In […]

Stories We Tell…

Stories are not only written but are often told in the form of visual art, dance, theater, etc… My intaglio print “Family Album Hieroglyphics: Man, Full With His Memories” was recently accepted into the catalog for the WCA (Women’s Caucus for the Arts) show “STORIES WE TELL” in New York.

"Family […]

Inspiration – James Coignard

A French artist born in 1925 whose paintings and etchings I admire is James Coignard. He dealt with extremely tactile surfaces and the use of some graffiti. The structure of his 1980’s paintings in which he used squares or rectangles to draw the viewer into the artwork had much influence on the structure of my […]

Contemporary Women Printmakers I

I just saw a wonderful exhibit – Women’s Work: Contemporary Women Printmakers from the collection of Jordan Schnitzer and his family foundation at IDEA Space, Colorado College in Colorado Springs. The exhibit included 56 /5000 prints from the collection.

LAYERING was a common theme in many of my favorite prints in the show.

I loved […]

Intaglio-Type Workshop I

I just came back from a great 5 day workshop with Keith Howard where we learned many Intaglio-Type (non-toxic printmaking) methods which he has painstakingly developed over the years. The intense workshop took place at Don Messec’s studio in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where Don practices non-toxic printmaking to the T! Making art safely is […]