Night Dreams in CLUSTER Exhibit

Night DreamsĀ© 1998. Linda C Everson28″h x 20″w framed

A CLUSTER is a group of similar things or people positioned or occurring closely together. My solarplate print Night Dreams, is currently in an invitational show, CLUSTER, at IceCube Gallery in Denver.

My dreams tend to have clusters of images, ideas, fears, or emotions that […]

Contemporary Women Printmakers I

I just saw a wonderful exhibit – Women’s Work: Contemporary Women Printmakers from the collection of Jordan Schnitzer and his family foundation at IDEA Space, Colorado College in Colorado Springs. The exhibit included 56 /5000 prints from the collection.

LAYERING was a common theme in many of my favorite prints in the show.

I loved […]

EcoArts, eARTh, scientists and artists…

In today’s Denver Post article, “Climage ” change gets down to eARTh, Ray Mark Rinaldi discusses EcoArts Connections, scientists and artists, left brain and right brain thinking. All are working together for the same solutions for environmental awareness. We’re not so different after all!

But what of the differing methods? The perception that scientists spend […]

Seraphine, the movie

One of my favorite past times is watching art movies and foreign films. Recently I saw a wonderful movie, Seraphine, at the local art movie theatre, Chez Artiste. This movie has won 7 French Academy Awards (Cesars) including Best Picture and Best Actress. The movie received great reviews.

Yolande Moreau is remarkably skilled at playing […]