Night Dreams in CLUSTER Exhibit

Night Dreams© 1998. Linda C Everson28″h x 20″w framed

A CLUSTER is a group of similar things or people positioned or occurring closely together. My solarplate print Night Dreams, is currently in an invitational show, CLUSTER, at IceCube Gallery in Denver.

My dreams tend to have clusters of images, ideas, fears, or emotions that […]

Mandala Art

"Little Men and the Inner Circle: Royal Hues". © 1992. Linda C Everson. Monoprint. 28" x 24".

MANDALA comes from Sanskrit meaning “CIRCLE“. It is often a spiritual or ritual symbol commonly associated with Hinduism and Buddhism, but in western culture the CIRCLE motif or MANDALA was popularized by Carl Jung. In […]


I’m currently an invited artist in Binary Inventions: Art and Culture in the Digital Age, in conjunction with a UND Art Department conference on the same subject. The show is at Third Street Gallery in Grand Forks – Oct 5 – 26, 2012.

Inspiration – “objects you see”

I just saw a great art show Triggered Momentum by Sabin Aell, a contemporary photographer, at Walker Gallery in Denver. The subject matter was quite unusual… BATH TOWELS! What also impressed me was her artist statement. Sabin had stepped outside and saw a “bizarrely shaped form: a towel”. The towel was frozen and had ice […]

Stephen Batura artwork

I was just at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art admiring the Stephen Batura’s show Edits with his wonderful acrylic paintings that were based on his collages of fashion. However, its difficult to see the ‘fashion’ in his art because of the closeup views and chopped up angles. That’s what makes this artwork so interesting […]

Graffiti art – StrassenKunst show

Arborglyph: (1 symbol SAM) Samurai © 2006 Linda C. Everson

From August 27 – Sept 19, 2010, one of my Arborglyph monoprints is in an international exhibit called StrassenKunst at Artspace Gallery in Richmond, VA. The theme of the exhibit is artwork INSPIRED by graffiti with 59 artworks chosen. There are photos of graffiti, […]

The Pillars of the Earth

Tonight on Starz is the beginning of a 8 part mini-series based on Ken Follett’s novel, The Pillars of the Earth. This epic story deals with conflicting elements: building and destruction, love and war, good and evil, religion and royalty, family and foe, feast and famine, joy and misery, and so on. Although the fight […]

Moore Inspired Exhibit

Tonight is the opening reception for the exhibit Moore Inspired at the Botanic Gardens in Denver. My ceramic sculpture Reclining Mother was accepted into this juried exhibit through August 1, which displays Colorado artists whose works were inspired by Henry Moore.

© 1968 Linda C. Everson

Henry Moore’s […]

EMBRACE – Installations at DAM 2

The Embrace show at the Denver Art Museum was one of the more extensive and interesting installation shows I’ve seen. Seventeen artists created their own ‘dialogues’ with the unusual architecture in various areas of the museum. Although ‘painting’ was a term often used to describe the art; the installations encompassed everything from plastic, cloth, wood, […]

EMBRACE – Architecture and Installations at DAM

When the Denver Art Museum (DAM) opened its new expansion, the Frederic C. Hamilton Building which was designed by Daniel Libeskind; art critics and some viewers complained about the unusual contemporary design. A common complaint of Libeskind’s architecture was that the slanted walls made it difficult to show lots of artwork.

However, the current show […]