Man of La Mancha

Searching for the Stars! Man of La Mancha is a musical by Dale Wasserman based on Miguel de Cervantes modern novel Don Quixote. It’s a play within a play! During the Spanish Inquisition, Cervantes is in prison and puts on a performance about Don Quixote, a madman who is searching for his “impossible dreams”. I […]

Life of Pi – Artwork

I recently saw the Life of Pi movie by Ang Lee twice. I had read the book by Yan Martel several times, and since I loved all the spiritualism and symbolism in the story, I created a colorful Arborglyph monoprint on that theme in 2005.

Arborglyph: (1 symbol P) The Life of Pi, © […]

Yahweh and The Source

Tell Dan

I visited Israel recently and saw layer upon layer of many different civilizations and religions that inhabited the land. While there I explored Tell Dan in northern Israel and also climbed the tell at Beit She’an to view the excavations below. Archaeology has always been interesting to me.

Beit She'an with […]

The Pillars of the Earth

Tonight on Starz is the beginning of a 8 part mini-series based on Ken Follett’s novel, The Pillars of the Earth. This epic story deals with conflicting elements: building and destruction, love and war, good and evil, religion and royalty, family and foe, feast and famine, joy and misery, and so on. Although the fight […]

EMBRACE – Architecture and Installations at DAM

When the Denver Art Museum (DAM) opened its new expansion, the Frederic C. Hamilton Building which was designed by Daniel Libeskind; art critics and some viewers complained about the unusual contemporary design. A common complaint of Libeskind’s architecture was that the slanted walls made it difficult to show lots of artwork.

However, the current show […]

Inspiration – Antonio Tapies

Artists are often asked what other artists inspire them. Yesterday I was interviewed on in the Artist name names, what artists inspire their work episode. I thought I’d share my thoughts about inspiration in my blog also.

One of my favorite art books is The Language of Antonio Tapies: Surface and Symbol. Both surface […]

Z for Zorro

It’s all in your name!

When I was at an art festival last summer, I had a viewer look at my artwork for literally 30 seconds, and he exclaimed “I have to buy this!” A decision so quickly! Why?

It turns out that the monoprint he was enamored with had a huge red letter “Z […]

Something Old, Earth Day!

Earth Day was celebrated recently! I was in the process of creating my new website at the time and as it unfolded, I’ve decided my image content should not only be my newest artwork, but I should include some old series as well. Old themes seem to resurface and the current dialogue today is “green”!