Modern Samurai

Mormon Bishop with Samurai Sword Runs Off Attacker. Not too many people wielding those Samurai Swords today…. but they’re still fascinating! Apparently it’s the first time this bishop needed to use the sword in 30 years (other than his martial arts class).

Because very little land was good for farming in Japan, wars over land […]

Life of Pi – Artwork

I recently saw the Life of Pi movie by Ang Lee twice. I had read the book by Yan Martel several times, and since I loved all the spiritualism and symbolism in the story, I created a colorful Arborglyph monoprint on that theme in 2005.

Arborglyph: (1 symbol P) The Life of Pi, © […]

Graffiti art – StrassenKunst show

Arborglyph: (1 symbol SAM) Samurai © 2006 Linda C. Everson

From August 27 – Sept 19, 2010, one of my Arborglyph monoprints is in an international exhibit called StrassenKunst at Artspace Gallery in Richmond, VA. The theme of the exhibit is artwork INSPIRED by graffiti with 59 artworks chosen. There are photos of graffiti, […]

The Pillars of the Earth

Tonight on Starz is the beginning of a 8 part mini-series based on Ken Follett’s novel, The Pillars of the Earth. This epic story deals with conflicting elements: building and destruction, love and war, good and evil, religion and royalty, family and foe, feast and famine, joy and misery, and so on. Although the fight […]

Seraphine, the movie

One of my favorite past times is watching art movies and foreign films. Recently I saw a wonderful movie, Seraphine, at the local art movie theatre, Chez Artiste. This movie has won 7 French Academy Awards (Cesars) including Best Picture and Best Actress. The movie received great reviews.

Yolande Moreau is remarkably skilled at playing […]

Z for Zorro

It’s all in your name!

When I was at an art festival last summer, I had a viewer look at my artwork for literally 30 seconds, and he exclaimed “I have to buy this!” A decision so quickly! Why?

It turns out that the monoprint he was enamored with had a huge red letter “Z […]