Modern Samurai

Mormon Bishop with Samurai Sword Runs Off Attacker. Not too many people wielding those Samurai Swords today…. but they’re still fascinating! Apparently it’s the first time this bishop needed to use the sword in 30 years (other than his martial arts class).

Because very little land was good for farming in Japan, wars over land […]

Doggy Down and Yoga

While doing yoga the other day, I was in the ‘doggy down’ stance. I remembered looking at my own dog that morning and observing her doing something similar. So many of those yoga poses relate to animals and nature. There are the zebra, camel, howling cat, tortoise, cow, cobra, lotus, and tree poses. Plus the […]

Art and Tour de France

Linda biking in Corsica

One of my favorite past times is BIKING. I’m no racer like Lance Armstrong in the Tour de France, but I have done several difficult bike tours overseas and love climbing the Colorado mountains. When I’m not riding with others , I sometimes bring my camera and take photos that […]