Blood Moon, Blue Moon

Did you see it on Sept 27, 2015? Blood Moon, a “supermoon”, AND a TOTAL lunar eclipse! This time was more rare than the other Blood Moons mentioned below which were partial eclipses.

I spent the evening observing and photographing this beautiful sight in an open space from just blocks my home. What I observed […]

Stories We Tell…

Stories are not only written but are often told in the form of visual art, dance, theater, etc… My intaglio print “Family Album Hieroglyphics: Man, Full With His Memories” was recently accepted into the catalog for the WCA (Women’s Caucus for the Arts) show “STORIES WE TELL” in New York.

"Family […]

Colorado Fires

Arborglyph: (1 symbol 31) Antlers, Ode to the Forests © 2013 Linda C Everson, All Rights Reserved

In the last few weeks 12+ fires have been raging in Colorado. Homes and forests have burned, humans and wildlife have been hurt, displaced, or killed. The spectacular flames illuminate our landscape. See colorful photos and videos […]

Light / The Holocaust & Humanity Project

Annual Holocaust memorial day was on April 8. In commenoration, I recently saw the Colorado Ballet dance performance of Light / The Holocaust & Humanity Project . Such a POWERFUL expression of one female Holocaust survivor! The 5 movements showed a progression from the birth of man – Adam & Eve and the Tree of […]

Life of Pi – Artwork

I recently saw the Life of Pi movie by Ang Lee twice. I had read the book by Yan Martel several times, and since I loved all the spiritualism and symbolism in the story, I created a colorful Arborglyph monoprint on that theme in 2005.

Arborglyph: (1 symbol P) The Life of Pi, © […]

Fire, Boulder

Natural Abstractions II © 2006. Linda C. Everson

The last few days a horrible forest fire has been burning just west of Boulder in Fourmile Canyon. Forest, animals, homes, structures, and vehicles have been consumed by flames. It’s called one of the worst fire disasters in Colorado.

Wild fires in our state are […]

Moore Inspired Exhibit

Tonight is the opening reception for the exhibit Moore Inspired at the Botanic Gardens in Denver. My ceramic sculpture Reclining Mother was accepted into this juried exhibit through August 1, which displays Colorado artists whose works were inspired by Henry Moore.

© 1968 Linda C. Everson

Henry Moore’s […]

Earth Day II

Today, April 22, 2010 – 40th anniversary of Earth Day! I personally pay homage to Mother Earth by using nature in my artwork in an abstract manner. When I hike or travel, my camera is a constant companion and I take photos of nature and ancient architecture that I use in my monoprints.


Inspiration – Antonio Tapies

Artists are often asked what other artists inspire them. Yesterday I was interviewed on in the Artist name names, what artists inspire their work episode. I thought I’d share my thoughts about inspiration in my blog also.

One of my favorite art books is The Language of Antonio Tapies: Surface and Symbol. Both surface […]

Water and moons

Water on the moon! The quote below makes it almost sound like a piece of art:

The water findings came through an analysis of the slight shifts in color after the impact, showing telltale signs of water molecules that had absorbed specific wavelengths of light.

The moon is so intriguing, but humans will […]